Visitando Miró (Visiting Miró)

Visitando Miró

Visiting Miró
My commentary


The format 27,50cmX12,50cm was cut in tracing paper by Mira Schendel who gave a good part of it, as a gift, to Amelia Toledo. There were lots of piles.

Amelia, in turn, gave me a certain amount. I have them to this days, although I have used a lot. It is a delightful format, and as I write this late commentary I am tempted to go down to the studio and do a few more scribbles.

These studies of Miró that are here are the few ones of which I have images. There were dozens of them...

They were motivated by the admiration that Vilém Flusser, philosopher of whom I was assistant, had by the painter. The reason was that, for him, Miró created a calligraphy.

It was after this calligraphy that I visited Miró, picking up something of his dashes and some of the way he distributed it.

I concluded that his calligraphic signals, scattered on the support, composed phrases, sentences. A narrative, so to speak.

Gabriel Borba, 2019





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Visitando Miró (Visiting Miró)