Um Golpe de Dada (A Coup of Dada)

Um Golpe de Dadá


(A Coup of Dada)

My commentary


There is repair to be done int the title. Parody of Mallarmé, Un coup de Dés..., my "poem" should go straight to the title A Throw of Dada. But I called it A Coup of Dada. Coup seemed to me more appropriate for the influence of dada in art.

As in almost everything I do, dissatisfaction or later ideas, renew the spirit of the thing without changing its soul. Good examples are NÓS in their multiple versions, POESIA eVENTO in ist many formats, each one breathing different airs without losing the breath ... and almost all the others.

A Coup of Dada was born POE Da Da (poe from poem) in 1975 made in typewriter. (I thought it was good that Poe was there) I do not remember exactly how it was but I just received this version from the researcher Vinicius Spricigo, probably found in some German archive where he has been working. Here, this version accompanies the last version, printed in large format, along with the version I published in Rebusteia, and the way I exposed it, side by side with Vaso di Ombrelli, manifestly dadaist, in Caminhos do Visível, 2010 exhibition in Casa Galeria.

Vaso di Ombrelli is the coup of dada.

Gabriel Borba, 2019

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Um Golpe de Dada (A Coup of Dada)