Transparências (Transparencies)

Transparency marked a lot of what I did.


From the point of view of elaboration, it is related to cinema and to the continuous projection of slides. From an expression standpoint, they have their own energy. In frames projections the next image, the next frame, overlaps what is already on the screen. It is superimposed by fusion, distortion, combination or simple substitution. There is agreed terminology for each possibility that is not the case now.

In addition to films, and projected sequences, now simplified by digitalization, I tried using image substitutions in materialized presentations without the use of projection.

In Ambiente de Confronração (Confrontation Environment), images of mine painted on transparent curtains lead to a conversation (dialogue as curators like) with others from others and with groups that perform in the environment. In this case the substitution is not objective but subjective.

IIn other cases, Crise da Existência em ME  (Crisis of Existence in ME), ...em TE (in YOU), ...em SE (in HIM); NÓS (KNOT or WE); Tachas (Tacks), are examples of overlapping images by manipulating transparency.

Some older ones show the images multiplyed by transparency and light, as in Desenho (Drawing); in OU (OR) (there is an S8 with that same title); in Magnetoscope ..., all deteriorated by time, And the glass version of POESIA eVENTO

Gabriel Borba, 2019

Conjunto da Obra

Ambiente de Confrontação (Confrontation Environment)

Caixinhas (Little Boxes)

Em Quatro Desentende-se Melhor (Four are Best Misunderstood)

Jaula da Anta (Tapir's Cage)



Transparências (Transparencies)