Risco Arisco (Risky Risk)

Risco Arisco

Risky Risk

(Translating, I realized it sould be called Risky Risk rather than Shy Dash or anything else, since Risco may be Dash or Risk. It would be a great title)


My commentary


From The Cherubinic Wanderer, Angelus Silesius, Sec XVII, I drew the direction for a set I was doing: Risco Arisco (Risky Risk). Risking the risk or risking the dash, to be understood.

I read in Silesius things like:


“The rose does not have why
It blooms because it blooms.
Does not care about itself
do not ask if someone sees"...


In John Lanchester, Debt to Pleasure:
"An artist should be evaluated for what he did
not do"

"Simple or nothing."


Here's the risk.

The result was a sequence of dashes (scratches) some with cotton thread (again risk) others with the minimum. Only one with a title, beyond the set Apenas (Only).


Risking Angelus Silesius demanded more elaboration, which I did on black background.

Still Angelus Silesius.

"I do not know what I am, I'm not what I know: just one thing, then nothing, a small dot in the circle" This is there in Limiar do Visivel (Threshold of the Visible) collection.

Gabriel Borba, 2016



Conjunto da Obra

Apenas (Just)

Risco Arisco (Risky Risk)