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My commentary, 2018


Between 1973 and 1977 I composed dozens of ridldes impressed with the text of Jean d'Espagnet, Arcanum Hermeticae Philosophiae Opus (canons VIII and IX), 1623, from where I did highlighted "... in obscuris enim Veritas delitescit, nec unquam dolosiùs, quàm cum apertè, nec veriùs quàm quum obscurè scribunt Philosophi "


(... indeed, truth is hidden in darkness, and philosophers never write so deceptively, as when openly, nor more truly than when obscurely).


The aphorisms (visual aphorisms if you can say so) that are seen in Rebusteia are small part of those that were thought during the postgraduate course at the School of Communication and Art of the University of São Paulo, in the early 1970s. Most of them subordinated to readings, such as in Epilogue were rejected in favor of diversity in the publication. The general title was Significancias (Significance), which, in my view, accentuated their "aphorism" characteristic . The set, just scratched, was lost in the time.

The 1977 edition, 500 copies by Cooperativa Geral Para Assuntos da Arte (General Cooperative for Art Affairs), has a brief but pertinent commentary by Maria Alice Vergueiro and a drawing as prologue.

Gabriel Borba

Conjunto da Obra


The Lady I long for

Um Golpe de Dada (A Coup of Dada)