Operador (Operator)



My commentary


The room should be dark only with the projector light. The rhythm imposed by the operator will make the word art appear, letter by letter, dancing before the eyes.
And the picture of each phase of the construction of the word ART appears very lightly, between scenes, by optical effect.
It all happens over a scenario made up with a “living replica” of Leonardo da Vinci's Holy Supper, taken as reference.

This slide version was originally packaged in a hand-made album, along with POESIA eVENTO, both with the same number of images. The black cover has title in LetraSet  and the inside with two transparent plastic slide holders, one for each work.

The digital version does not impoverish the content as long as it keeps up the suggested pace and the presentation goes on and on for a while. Showing only one time  (wthout looping) it loses the charm that is, in the original, given by the aspect of happening, when the operator, sometimes, changes the rhythm on purpose or either due to disability or distraction.

The first version, belonging to the MAC USP, Museum of Contemprary Art of the University of São Paulo, somewhat deteriorated by time and use, only contemplates the first 7 images, ending with ART, in English, as well as the introductory text. An English version was digitized in 2012 as the result of the discussion of how to present it and, to it, it was added the sound of slides running through the projection. There are also slides bound in a manually made single copy album.

Gabriel Borba, 2012

Conjunto da Obra

Operador (Operator)