Artemicro (Artmicro)

Obvium cum (Assited) Triplet

My commentary, 2018


It was 1982 when the MIS, Museum of Image and Sound, São Paulo, proposed an exhibition entitled ARTEMICRO, organized by Regina Silveira and Rafael França, to be presented by micro film reading devices, for which I was invited. I accepted and composed some obvious images, the first 3 sheets of the set (1, 2, 3), excluding those of titles.
I thought that was funny. Knowing the "doublet" puzzle proposed by Lewis Carroll, still in the 19th century, published in the Vanity Fair magazine, which consisted of joining two words of the same size and opposite senses (not necessarily) and connecting them by a sequence of other words changing only one letter to each passage, I composed "Obvium cum Triplet".
I thought of giving a deeper meaning to the joke, with the structure of a musical concert and, let's say, visceral content.

Gabriel Borba

PS: Sometimes I changed the language to accommodate meanings and dramatize the rhythm.
Then Assisted Triplet

Conjunto da Obra

Artemicro (Artmicro)