Objeto ME


My commentary, 2015


There was an occasion when I became interested in Jacques Lacan. I attended seminars at the Freudian School in São Paulo and published an article in the Cadernos Freud Lacanianos . "The Romeo of Julieta" that came out in Cadernos 2 edited by Cortez Editores.
In this case, I was impressed with the concept Object a. The object of desire, unreachable.
Challenging, but not so simple considering the relation between object and desire: the object, finally, is the cause of desire.


Margerite Yourcenar composes in L'OEuvre au Noir an attractive painting for what I had in mind. The beautiful, dialogue between Henry-Maximilien and Zenon, two young pilgrims with opposit trajectories that runs in the second half of the first chapter and ends: Zenon: "... un autre m'attend ailleurs" Je vais a lui. " Henry-Maximilien: "Qui? ...". Zenon: "Hic Zeno, dit-il. Moi-même (another waits for me elsewhere "I'm going to him." Henry-Maximilien: "Who? ...". Zenon: "Hic Zeno, he said. Myself)".


So I composed Objeto ME, three copies in blueprint, three different colors  and wooden rods tied with threads (today there are only two) that must hang from the wall, somehow swaying, which, tilted, sway with the wind. And the Video ME , called to integrate the State of Fugue show (in its meaning as an escape, a dramatic change, an aspiration for something new and different, an inner desire to disappear). Event held at IAPIS, Stokolm, 2015, organized by the OuUnPo group, curated (videos) by Elena Nemkova.

For the occasion I wrote the short statement that follows: "In the mid-1970s I was interested in the writings of Lacan and caught my attention the concept of 'objet a', the unreachable object of desire.

 Thinking of myself I drew a series of object ME , including the VT in question in which I realized that the path to reach ones inner self is to escape oneself deleting oneself in favor of a more abstract personage, the unreachable me. GB"

Gabriel Borba

Conjunto da Obra

Objeto ME

Projeto para Objeto ME

Projeto para Objeto ME, 1981

Lapis hidrográfia sobre papel vegetal, 48.00 X 34.20 X 0.00

Série/Coleção: Objeto ME

Pequena Amostra II

Pequena Amostra II, 1983

Lapis nankin sobre cartão, 24.00 X 18.00 X 0.00

Série/Coleção: Objeto ME

Pequena Amostra de Grandes Conflitos

Pequena Amostra de Grandes Conflitos, 1983

Lapis lapis de cor nankin sobre papel, 45.80 X 32.00 X 0.00

Série/Coleção: Objeto ME