Limiar do Visível (Threshold of the visible)


Limiar do Visivel

Threshold of the Visible


My commentary


Between 2008 and 2009 I went back to reading Haykais, then in English. I had known the recent production of North Americans and British and I was interested in this change from the kanji to the word. From image to text. Text that leads, in the reader, image, how to say? not solid?.
Stuff like these:


lighting the fire

those firstflames

catching last year's news

                    Jackie Hardy




by firelight

listening to the silence

of things we can't see

                 Larry Gross


And this:


log fire

turning in the flames

my watched thoughts

        Caroline Gourlay


(the latter read in front of the fireplace ... Cold night ...)

Fascinating idea: to produce highly delicate designs. Accentuated materiality -hole on paper; thread; watercolor. Titles, in some cases, with reference to the images retained in memory.

To a set of which this collection is a segment, curator Carmen Aranha called Papeis: Caminhos do Visivel (Papers: Paths of the Visible), because of the delicate visibility of most of its images. Threshold of the Visible came out during the talks with curators Carmen Aranha and Loly Demercian who organized an exhibition in which these drawings appeared.
Gabriel Borba, 2016

Conjunto da Obra

Limiar do Visível (Threshold of the visible)