Imagens de Urgência (Urgency Images)

Images of Urgency

My commentary, 2018


These images are from 1968 to 1972, when many of us were busy denouncing muffled or little-publicized facts about the violence that astonished us. The news of newspapers, when prohibited, were replaced by excerpts from the Lusíadas de Camões or by cooking recipes and more. Images were published and often arose from listening to reports not necessarily true, but credible. The good way to reproduce them quickly to keep up with the events and make them recognizable, with a certain drama, was the current mode, Pop Art.

Many of the ones I did disappeared. They were painted with simple paint, synthetic enamel, on Eucatex (kind of fiber board) panel, always in the same format, sometimes an image in two panels. Somewhat uncomfortable for transportation, but effective to be seen. And, of course, occasionally the support material varied.

The principle was used, in some figures, in the installation Environment Confrontation, MAC 1972. With the student who helped set up a lecture on the subject, in 2012, Adriana Palma, came the title of the set: Images of Urgency.

Gabriel Borba

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Imagens de Urgência (Urgency Images)