Hino dos Vencidos (Anthem of the Defeated)

Hino dos Vencidos

Anthem of the Defeated


My commentary

In 1974, as a group, we published a insert called On Off.
Each one of us was supposed to bring a certain numbr of copys os a image to be inserted in a envelop. We use to met at Amélia Toledo's house/studio, Rua Tucumã Street, in São Paulo, to decided on formats, number of copies and other technical features for the next isue. Participation was open.

In the third edition, I introduced the Hino aos Vencidos (Anthem to the defeated), a musical sheet with stitching.

In Grenoble, 1976, hosted at Sergio Ferro's house, showing him the edition with the title Hino aos Vencidos (Anthem to the Defeated), I received a scolding, delicate as it was his way: “wrong. Include yourself there ”. With Hino dos Vencidos  (Anthem of the Defeated) he was satisfied and so the following editions came out, 

Many studies and tests were done, a model was created to adjust the stitching and we produced the edition. Nothing would have been done, not like that, had it not been for Maria Martha, with whom I was married, who patiently and skillfully sewed each unit of the print run and of the next versions. It is the module that accompanies these notes.

Gabriel Borba, 2018


Conjunto da Obra

Hino dos Vencidos (Anthem of the Defeated)