Gestörte Numeration

Gestörte Nummeration

Disturbed Numbering


My commentary


Professor Markus Neuwirth, Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Universität Innsbruck, Austria, searching the archives of the KUNST MERAN MERANO ARTE, Northern Italy, finds a folder with the legacy of artist Regina Klaber Thusek, composed of correspondence, artworks, and diary.

Regina Thusek as told prof. Neuwirth, was Jewish born in 1900, originally from Moravia, lived in Prague, Vienna, London, during the war, and finally in Milan where her husband was at work. In 1938 Italian police confined the couple in Merano where she died in 1983.

In her diary she recounts an amazing meeting we had at Vilem Flusser's home, Merano, Italy, where I was spending a season and she expressed her enthusiasm for my conversation and the paperworks I was carrying. She describes at length, and with some enthusiastic exaggeration, my 1972 installation named Ambiente de Confrontação (Confrontation Environment). In her own  words: " ...Und so avantgardistische Avantgarde habe ich bis jetzt noch nicht kennen gelernt" ( “… I have never met such an avant-garde so avangardist.”)

A drawing that accompanies the mesage from prof. Neuwirth, arrives with the "title" Gestört Nummeration which I will keep. I don't remember this drawing but I know it's mine, partner of two others, Qualidade (Quality) and Mutações; (Mutations;). 

The image, probably in a photo taken by Regina Thusek, is intriguing because of its resemblance to Qualidade (Quality), probably its first study. I will keep the title in German, as it is suggestive, as it differs from its successor and keep the memory of the meeting with Gina Klaber Thusek.

And mucha more, I will adopt the name as the title of three pieces in the same vein.

Gabriel Borba, 2020


Conjunto da Obra

Gestörte Numeration