My commentary

In 1975, the Studio Giró of Photography, indicated by Flávio Imperio, hired me to paint in a huge backdrop the scene of the Holy Supper, Leonardo da Vinci, in front of which actors would represent the apostles. It was Christmas Mention


Photographer: Giró; Agency: Mauro Sales; customer: Union of Banks.


The quality of the result led the agency to discard the customer and make the image their Christmas commemorative poster. I learned that this poster ended up winning a prize
and was exposed, with others, at MASP,  Art Museu of São Paulo


During the WORK, the photographer took several pics in a row, which gave me the idea of ​​Deconstrução (Deconstruction). So I asked him to keep shooting the performance that returned the wall to the original white. At some point I remembered a beautiful black, yellow and white painting by Sheila Brannigan, from the MAC USP, Museum of Contemporary Art, University of São Paulo,  collection. And I followed it in two of the images 10 and 11 just before the white ending one.

The last 6 images (plus 1) of the series are taken by curators and collectors as a performance record (image 0, image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5, image 6, image 7) and thus they were presented in exhibitions.

And finally, a sequence of 13 images copied onto slides to be shown in a loop. Sequence of 15 images, actually, considering the title and the blank screen at the beginning of each set. The original set of slides from 1975 were scanned in 2012, composing a new digital version, more suitable and safe for exhibitions.

Also in 1975 the magazine Domus published in its edition 544 the article of Pierre Restany, L'Art Brésilien dans les Sables Mouvantes, where it is said that Deconstrução anticipates the deconstructivist movement.

Gabriel Borba

Conjunto da Obra