Cor estudo (Color study)

Cor Estudo

Color Study

My commentary


Maria Martha, with whom I was married, and working together, meticulously painted with gouache enormous amount of sheets of paper, chasing the rarest blends and hues. It became a set of colorful cards as a catalog very rich in variations.
I used some of these cards to visualize the combination of colors and their possibilities in composition.
A few of them were fixed by overlapping cards and saved for some kind of use. It was with them that I studied the color composition for some rugs that I had been commissioned and used some other, cutting them out, to compose the various combinations for the Cicatriz (Scar) collage, 1981.
The one I called Cicatriz 02 (Scar 02) was the drawing I presented for the execution of the rug I mentioned earlier. I do not know what happened with this project.

Gabriel Borba, 2019

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Cor estudo (Color study)

Cor, estudo,VD+AZ, 1981

Guache colagem sobre papel, 22.00 X 22.00

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