Drawing, collages and related


My briefing, 2018


Drawing has been a way of thinking; often thinking about what is seen from a non objective point of view. Ineffable, shall we say. Whatever is captured by the our sight and driven by something that is driven inside or above, who knows.


Carlos Fajardo says that "drawing is the space between", Desenho como Instrumento, Cooperativa dos Artistas Plásticos de São Paulo, 1979. Of course.


A portrait, even a caricature, is precisely what is between the several turns of the line. A line that somewhat determines the quality of its expression. Ironic, funny,denouncing ...

But What about the circle?  Is it that the circle is  itself its surrounding line or the disk that is, actually, the "space between"? Here no deformation is allowed except for the quality of the line: hue, value, sensitivity ... The disk, though, will always be the same


Phrase attributed to Picasso draw my attention: "Before a painting was a sum of additions. With me a painting is a sum of destruction. "


Such things would destroy the circle. They would overshadow the disk to construct an expressive far-reaching mode than the specific object of that drawing. Meaning that it goes beyond the "space between".

The space around, them?

Or better, the "space between" those who see and that wich is seeing.


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Gabriel Borba, 2018

Conjunto da Obra


Mutações, 1973

Nankin sobre papel, 32.00 X 23.00 X 0.00


S.T., 2016

colagem e pastel sobre papel, 44.20 X 35.20 X 0.00

To Gabriel Borba

To Gabriel Borba, 2016

colagem e pastel sobre papel, 45.40 X 35.40 X 0.00

Embu Haint Blue

Embu Haint Blue, 2018

Tecnica mista sobre papel, 48.00 X 33.50 X 1.00

Desenho com Cruz

Desenho com Cruz, 2000

Tecnica mista sobre papel, 60.00 X 50.00 X 0.00

st 01

st 01, 1992

lapis de cor sobre papel de seda, 31.50 X 21.50 X 0.00

st 03

st 03, 1992

lapis de cor sobre papel de seda, 31.50 X 21.50 X 0.00

st 04

st 04, 1992

Nanki sobre papel vegetal, 27.50 X 12.50 X 0.00

st 05

st 05, 1992

Nankin sobre papel vegetal, 27.50 X 12.50 X 0.00

st 07

st 07, 1992

Nankin sobre papel vegetal, 27.50 X 12.50 X 0.00

Sacrifício do Cavalo

Sacrifício do Cavalo, 1981

Nankin e aquarela sobre papel, 44.50 X 42.00

s.t. 2009

s.t. 2009, 2009

lapis nankin acrilica sobre cartão, 39.00 X 35.50


Poeta, 1979

Nankin colagem sobre papel, 29.70 X 21.00 X 0.00


Descomeço, c.2016

Nankin colagem sobre papel, 0.00 X 0.00 X 0.00

A Mão da Moça (The Hand of the Girl)

Apenas (Just)

Cartas de Alexandria (Letters from Alexandria)

Cicatriz (Scar)

Corpo che cade


Figura (Figure)

Gestörte Numeration

Hino dos Vencidos (Anthem of the Defeated)

Imagens de Urgência (Urgency Images)

Jaula da Anta (Tapir's Cage)

Lembranças de Viagem (Travel Souvenirs)

Limiar do Visível (Threshold of the visible)

Nós (Us or Knots)

O Estado das Coisas

O Gato Acorrentado a Um Só Traçado (The Cat Chaine

Objeto ME


Pequeno Mobiliário Brasileiro



Risco Arisco (Risky Risk)

Saga do Guerreiro Morto (Dead Warrior Saga)

The Lady I long for



Magnetoscópio com Ponto Cruz e Etiqueta

Magnetoscópio com Ponto Cruz e Etiqueta, 1992

Fotolito cordão cartão sobre acetato, 46.00 X 31.50 X 0.50

Série/Coleção: Transparências

Visitando Miró (Visiting Miró)