XVI Bienal de São Paulo

XVI Bienal de São Paulo, 1981

Curator: Julio Plaza


Avenida Pedro Alvares Cabral, 1301, 04094, São Paulo, SP, Brasil

Tel: +55 11 2648.0254

XVI São Paulo Biennale

Nucleus I

Curator's statment (excerpt)


Why the exhibition of Mail Art at the XVI Biennale? 


Appealing to immediate and concrete data of existence, this procesual activity,that adopted the institutional services of the Post Office, remains, at the start of the 80’s decade, one of the greatest proof of the phenomenon that dematerialized art, the purpose of one of the vectors of Nucleus I at the present manifestation.


This Biennale project, without the preoccupation of selective information, essentilly intends to take to the public knowledge the actual stage of this action that aims marginality , in spitie of showing open sides to contradiction. Nearly five hundred artists from the entire world  accepted invitations to the exhibition.


Walter Zanini






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