Video_MAC, 2020

Curator: Roberto Moreira Cruz


Avenida Pedro Alvares Cabral, 1301, 04094, São Paulo, SP, Brasil

Tel: +55 11 2648.0254


My commentary


Walter Zanini's initiatives echo.

This time in Roberto Moreira Cruz's postdoctoral research, a precious survey of the first video works by artists from São Paulo, in a collection from the 1970s. This resulted in the exhibition Video_MAC, his curatorshipin whose opening there was a live broadcast of a conversation between the curator and me.

Interested in artistic multimedia productions, Walter Zanini, as director of the Museum of Contemporary Art at the University of São Paulo, among multiple initiatives in the category, invested in 1976 in the purchase of, rare at the time, portable video recording equipment and in the training of artists. He organized the Video Art sector coordinated by Cacilda Texeira da Costa, which included technical guidance for novices in handling the equipment.

At the time I recorded the videos ME VT, Nós (Version II) and O Gato Acorrentado a um só Traçado (The Cat Chained to one Stroke).

Gabriel Borba, 2020

Conjunto da Obra

Nós (Us or Knots)

O Gato Acorrentado a Um Só Traçado (The Cat Chained to a Single Stroke)

Objeto ME

Nós (Versão II), 1977

Video Tape

Série / Coleção: Nós (Us or Knots)

NÓS Version II VT

My briefing


NÓS Version II (VT) came from the same internal source with which I have already been working: my impression of violence against the individual. First of all nós, in Portuguese, can mean us or knots at the same time.

This VT version was recorded inside an instalation at the  Museo de Arte Contemporânea of the University of São Paulo and shows, in a slide projection, a shooting with someone’s body failing down, with the sound of the projector taken the place of the noise of the bullets . The sequence follows with an interleaved face in the mirror and the empity pants lying in the foor. In such a subjective action the face in the mirror, my own face, has a very deep meaning following Lacan, facing itself and slowly turning its head to face forward.

It must be said that the failing body is a autonomous work an its registration is posted in this web site in as performance with the title corpo che cade, somehow connected to the last lines of

Dante's Inferno, canto V, 

Gabriel Borba, 2019