Tendências do Livro de Artista (Artist Book Trends)

Tendências do Livro de Artista (Artist Book Trends), 1985

Curator: Cacilda Texeira da Costa e Annateresa Fabris

Goup exhibition

Tendências do Livro de Artista

Artist Book Trends

My commentary


In 1985 Cacilda Texeira da Costa, researcher and head of the Programming Section of the Fine Arts Division of Centro Cultural São Paulo presented the project for the exhibition Artist Book Trends in partnership with  professor and researcher Annateresa Fabris. I was very excited

However I asked them not to include things of mine since I was the director of the Fine Arts Division and it seemed unethical to me.

They included.


The presentation of the exhibition, in the catalog prepared by Wesley Duke Lee, an Artist Book itself, brings an elaborate history of the Artist Book as a category. From it I extracted two excerpts that in my opinion explain this modality of Art. (... the artist book is configured as an expressive unit that conveys a certain idea of art and that incorporates in its structural process the fundamental element in the construction of the book: its sequential nature.  Like the painter who, when making a painting, explores data inherent to the nature of that support - surface, framing, dimension, etc. -by making a book the artist works with a coherent sequence of spaces- the page...  ...the artist's book is thus configured as a space-time sequence, determined by the kinetic relationship between page and page, or, as Mirela Bentivoglio would say by "the page in its dialogue with the context of the page, the book")


And I extracted as well the passage that mention my participation








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