Risco Arisco

Risco Arisco, 2011

Curator: Loly Demercian

Risco Arisco, 2011

(Translating I realized it could be called Risky Risk rather than Shy Dash or anything else, since Risco may be Dash or Risk. It would be a great title)

Casa Galeria

18 abril a 21 maio


My commentary


A sequence of dashes (scratches) some with cotton thread (again risk) others with the minimum. The risk of less.


An artist should be assessed by what he doesn't do.  John Lanchester.


Tout les silence n'est fait que des paroles qu'on n'a pas dites. (All silence is not but the words we did not say) Marguerite Yourcenar.


Simples ou nada, (Simple or nothing.) Myself.


Such things, plus Angelus Silesius's reading led me to the Risco Arisco (Risky Risk) collection presented in 2011 at Casa Galeria

Gabriel Borba, 2016

Conjunto da Obra

Apenas (Just)

Risco Arisco (Risky Risk)