Papeis: caminhos do visivel

Papeis: caminhos do visivel, 2010

Curator: Carmen Aranha e Loly Demercian

My commentary

Between 2008 and 2009 I was interested, as before, in reading Haykais. Take the effort of approaching in kanji this time, and I read in English, enchanted by a "... magical time when words took on significance beyond their  meaning"  in Jackie Hardy's saying in haiku poetry, ancient and modern.
I repeatedt the experiment with strokes without neglecting titles.
Given the delicate visibility of most of these drawings, chosen with others from the same company, curator Carmen Aranha called the set Papers: Paths of the Visible.
Under the guidance of curators Carmem Aranha and Loly Demercian at the Exhibition at Casa Galeria, it was proposed a workshop with Paulo Caruso and me, focusing on the difference and similarity between visual and graphic arts.

Gabriel Borba



Conjunto da Obra

Limiar do Visível (Threshold of the visible)