Opera Aberta Celebração

Opera Aberta Celebração, 2002

Pera Aberta Celebração

Open Opera Celebration


We are celebrating almost 7 years of management, the first exhibition was in December 1995. The Casa das Rosas differential is that it is directed by artists. Before me was Claudio Tozzi. At the very least, this enables a firmer dialog, independent of the marke as
well as current trends. For me Casa das Rosas has never ceased to be a make-up cooperative of
artists. During this time there were over 2000 artists including visual arts,
music, performing arts and dance at the house with over one million
visitors. We are the third visiting museum of the State Department of Culture's cultural units
[behind the Immigrant Memorial and the Pinacoteca]. This all has been possible thanks to the wonderful work of our team, the one  with us and those who worked with us. SO LET'S CELEBRATE.

José Roberto Aguilar (director)






Conjunto da Obra