Nenhum Lugar Agora

Nenhum Lugar Agora, 2023

Curator: Cesar Meneghetti


Artist with a studio in Edificio Vera and his guests, totaling around 140 artists, in a group exhibition.

"...It is an exhibition organized collaboratively by artists and volunteers to talk about the dissolution of contemporary society and to propose questions. The venue is the Edificío Vera, in the historic center of São Paulo, next to the CCBB-SP (Bank of Brazil Cultral Centre), a building where 50 artists work on 10 floors..." 

An excerpt from Cesar Meneghetti's introduction to the exhibition.

The Vera Building has a hall on the first floor, divided into rooms, used for exhibitions, although the studios are generally open and the corridors have works by the artists of the floor hanging on walls or lying on the ground. Below are images illustrating the kind of occupation of the spaces and possible activities as guided visits, debates or others.

Gabriel Borba, 2023


Conjunto da Obra

Obra esparsa (scattered works)