Mitos Vadios

Mitos Vadios, 1978

Curator: Ivald Granato


Mitos Vadios

Stray Myths

My commentary

I transcribe, as this statement, an excerpt of correspondence to the researcher Benjamin Murphy, Princeton University, USA.

"Hello Ben
  Let's get to the subject: Mitos Vadios (Stray Myths)... Yes, I have participated. It was an event created and widely disseminated by Ivald Granato, held at the same time as a Latin American Biennial, with some air of protest, as usual. Many names participated in what I considered a  performance/happening by Granato. Hewas meant arrive by helicopter on an empty lot on Rua Augusta, São Paulo (trendy region). How ever he infact  arrive by taxi, due to problems with the helicopter, dressed in a pinstripe suit and bowler hat claiming “My name is not Ciccillo Matarazo“ (then president of the São Paulo Biennial) ).
I waited for him sitting a director's chair with the words  “My Name is not Ivald Granato” written in the back. When he arrived, I released a dozen white chickens, with cardboard medals around their necks saying “My Name is not Ivald Granato".
Arethusa Almeida de Paula wrote her master's dissertation on the subject. Competent text, reproducing newspaper articles, photos and interviews "(...)
Gabriel Borba, 2020 (correspondence excerpt)


PS: There is a note in Arethusa's text that is worth attention.
"With good humor, the artist also puts the art market in check, and in particular its "sponsors". In the interview, he only mentions this work; however, in the journalist Vera Magyar's report, she mentions that Borba delivered paper napkins to the public where you read Brazilian Art Recipes, and the question: Have you rolled yours today?"

GB, 2020

Conjunto da Obra

Obras esparsas (scattered works)