Flusser 100th anniversary

Flusser 100th anniversary, 2020

Curator: Baruch Gottlieb

O Vento Uiva, ouça

The Wind Howls, listen

My commentary


I received from Baruch Gottlieb, Vilém Flusser Archiv, Berlin, an invitation to join the celebration of the 100th anniversary  of Flusser, in an online event in May 12th, 2020, from 12pm to 12am, German time. The event replaces the projected festival in Robion, France, suspended due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
I chose to make a simple video based on the deep impression left by an episode of my experience as his assistant. I had the collaboration of Monai de Paula Antunes, art researcher, collaborator of Vilém Flusser Archiv, Berlin, all done by cell phone resources, overcoming the distances that separated us.
The ensemble to which I gave the title O Vento Uiva, ouça (The Wnd Howls, listen) consists of Statement; Poetic manifestation over read Text and Finale.
Gabriel Borba, 2020


Conjunto da Obra

O Vento Uiva, ouça (The Wind Howls, listen)