Expo-Projeção 73 (1973 : São Paulo, SP)

Expo-Projeção 73 (1973 : São Paulo, SP), 1973

Curator: Aracy Amaral




(...) It is the artist who seeks new unconventional means to express himself in the selective ordering of reality, or in the register, as some even declare in spontaneous statements (...)


(...) Super 8 for many, represents the "immediate and free registration of the analytical schemes of traditional assembly" (...)


(...) There are, of course, different positions - it is never too much to emphasize it - as will be seen in this EXPO-PROJEÇÃO (Expo-Projection), and the interest of this manifestation will be precisely to show this diversity that puts different languages in confrontation from a common alphabet. (...)
Aracy Amaral in EXPO-PROJEÇÃO catalog (extracts), São Paulo 1973






Grife, Grupo dos Realizadores Independestes de Filmes Exerimentais (Filmmaker Group of Independent Experimental Filme), associate producer and host of the event, anticipates the launch of the catalog with a provisional printout of the program that was distributed to participants and others.




CAyC  (roaming)

Itinerant, the exhibition was received by CAyC, Art and Communication Center, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with projections on December 11 and 14, 1973.
I couldn't resist and I published here the nice note sent by the curator Aracy Amaral




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