Contemporâneos 2014 (Contemporary artists exhibition)

Contemporâneos 2014 (Contemporary artists exhibition), 2014

Curator: Renato Gonda e Paulo Dud

collective exhibition

My  commentary

Cinzas de uma Memória Antiga

Ashes of an Ancient Memory


In 2014 I presented at the Mestre Assis Cultural Center, exposição Contenporâneos (Contemporary exhibition), the Cinzas de uma Memória Antiga (Ashes of an Ancient Memory). Tag Accompanied:


“A public institution  asked in donation my personal file. The one  who helped me, identified old correspondence from artists, curators, art students ... with theoretical content permeated by loving allusions - some indecent, I would say. For kindness I decided to omit names. Nor was it appropriate to censor parts. So I burned them then. And I deposited the ashes in a funerary urn with the titled Ashes of an Ancient Memory.

PS: If some one asks if this is art, I say no.

It's a Gabriel Borba

Embu das Artes,

Gabriel Borba, 2014 ”


The names of the senders are in their initials arranged in X shape on the card of paper stuck in the ashes.

Gabriel Borba

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