Artissima 2017

Artissima 2017, 2017

Curator: Francisco Salas

Loreto Martínez Troncoso &

Gabriel Borba Filho
An encounter


My commentary

The sensibility of curator and gallery owner Francisco Salas brought me closer to Loreto Martinez Troncoso, whose creative interest draws my atention and pleases me as well. We were together in Becoming Common Stars ... at Night, 2016 (great poetic and suggestive title) and in this Artissima 2017. Before that I preceded with NÓS in PM8Gallery , 2017,  hers donde empezar, si est-ce qu'il y a un commencement quelconque, also in 2017, same gallery.

Gabriel Borba 2018


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Conjunto da Obra

Figura (Figure)

Nós (Us or Knots)