Artissima 2016

Artissima 2016, 2016

Curator: Francisco Salas

Exposição individual em feira

Artissima 2016

My commentary

The curator and gallery owner, Francisco Salas, PM8 Gallery, collected material in my studio, chosen amomg the ones in which his studies aim and, with part of it, organized the participation of his gallery in Artíssima, Turin, 2016.
They are pieces from the mid-1970s, two videos, a sequence of photos and a drawing. For the videos, he got equipment from those years and stacked them, producing a themed "sync" between both: ME and NÓS  (ME and US or Knots)
At the time, he published an interview in which I could reflect and state reasons and goals for much of what I did.
Gabriel Borba, 2017





Conjunto da Obra


Nós (Us or Knots)

Objeto ME

Pequeno Mobiliário Brasileiro

Saga do Guerreiro Morto (Saga of the Dead Warrior)