Curator: Regina Silveira e Rafael França


My commentary


Regina Silveira and Rafel França proposed to MIS Museu da Imagem e do Som (Museu of the Image and of the Sound), São Paulo, a selection of works made for microfilm viewing devices. At the time we were concerned with the diversifying of expression using support and techniques of recording and communication technology that was far from the traditional media in fine arts. I accepted without reflecting on the possibility of the medium and went along the path I already used: word play. I used the title of the exhibition, ARTEMICRO and assembled three drawings that seemed obvious to me.




Over time after the exhibition, I remade the set that seemed interesting, abandoning the idea of ​​reading in micro-form systems. Clinging to the line followed by the MICROBVIO that I had already treaded, I went on pursuing the fatefulness of "Human Condition". I used the structure of musical concerts and the "triplets", a puzzel created by Lewis Carol to develop Obvium cum Triplet

Gabriel Borba, 2020



Conjunto da Obra

Artemicro (Artmicro)