AI-5 50 ANOS (AI-5 50 YEARS)

AI-5 50 ANOS (AI-5 50 YEARS), 2018

Curator: Paulo Myada

collective exhibition

Documents and artworks of denounce and resistance

Instituto Tomie Ohtake

ENDEREÇO Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 201, Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP CEP 05426-100

Tel: +55 11 2245 1900



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Note: IA-5 was the fifth Institutional Act enacted by the military government in 1968 that allowed the Executive Branch to decree a state of siege; suspend political rights for a fixed period of time; revoke political mandates; suspend constitutional guarantees and other arbitrariness

The exhibition shows a collection of documents and artworks of denounce and resistance.

Conjunto da Obra

Corpo che cade

Figura (Figure)

Hino dos Vencidos (Anthem of the Defeated)

Jaula da Anta (Tapir's Cage)

Nós (Us or Knots)


Transparências (Transparencies)