Urnas (Urns)



My commentary


It all started with my participation in a event held by students where I had the idea of carrying on an instructive agitation with the theme that bothered and still bothers me: the personal identity before the other. A recurring theme, could be said. Grace VanderWall, for exemple, in 2016 at age 12, begins a career  aimed at success singing her original I Don't Know my Name.
I don't know why but this idea claimed to be based in a urn. A box or crate where secret things are to be deposited and kept until the right moment arrives.
So I made Urna da Identidade Utópica (Utopian Identity Urn) and after that Identidade Utópica Urna II (Utopian Identity Urn II)
Later while I was organizing my personal archive to be sent to a public institution, the girl who was helping identified some correspondence from artists, art critics and friends who were theoretically interesting, but mentioned personal matters such as intimate thoughts and desires.
I could not cut off any part of the correspondence (it would be like censorship). So I burned it and put the ashes in a funeral urn with their inicials printed on a square card that were half-skewered into the ashes.

I called it Cinzas de Uma Memória Antiga (Ashes of an Ancient Memory)

Gabriel Borba, 2019


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Urnas (Urns)