Apenas (Just)



My commentary, 2018


Soon after making the set Risky Risk, I risked with the series Just ... that, if it is to be shown, I prefer to show in column with the Just an Old News to the foot of the column, in the ground. (I love the idea Old News). The rest of them do not need to be in order.

The temporary disappearance of Just an Old News left its base marked with transferred letters of the newspapers that composed it. Before the original piece reappeared, I filled out the absence constructing upon the remaining basis the Just a Dead News.

Gabriel Borba,2018


Note: In this segment the series Just  appears twice. One by oneself, the other as part of the Risco Arisco collection. Clicking on Risco Arisco that appears at the top of the second block you go to its complete collection.




Conjunto da Obra

Apenas (Just)

Risco Arisco (Risky Risk)