A Mão da Moça

A Mão da Moça não Sabe Desenhar

(The Hand of the Girl Does not Know how to Sew)

My briefing, 2018


Phrase attributed to Picasso draw my attention: "When I was 15 years old I could draw like Rafael, but I needed a lifetime to learn how to draw like children".


It is the case of A Mão da Moça não sabe Costurar (the Hand of the Girl does not Know how to Sew), an ellaboratedly awkward drawing, a metonymy of the absence of a specific ability attributed to girl(s).

It refers to the contemporaneity announced in the 19th century, in addition to and with the Industrial Revolution. The passage from Luizinha, in Primo Basilio, Machado de Assis, through to Mary Wollenstonecraft, the pioneer of women's rights "


Not knowing how to sew, symbolically, is a loss that represents an achievement. It is a contradiction.
The Hand of the Girl Does not Know how to Sew (any more).

Gabriel Borba


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A Mão da Moça